Why Are Gear Pumps Ideal for Inkjet Printing Applications ?

June 20, 2024

Inkjet printing is a widely used technology for producing high-resolution images and text by propelling droplets of ink onto paper or other surfaces. The quality of inkjet prints depends heavily on the precise control of ink flow, which affects the sharpness, color accuracy, and overall clarity of the printed output. Gear pumps are essential for applications in continuous inkjet printers for several specific reasons that directly impact the quality of prints.

Precision and Consistency

Inkjet printers require precise control over the size and placement of ink droplets to produce high-resolution images and text, ensuring that each droplet is accurately formed and delivered. Due to the consistent displacement characteristic, precision gear pumps provide a steady and uniform flow of ink, ensuring that each droplet is accurately formed and delivered. This is critical for avoiding streaks, banding, and other print defects that can arise from inconsistent ink flow.

Inkjet printer with ink cartridges of different colors powered with precision gear pumps

Adaptable Printing Speeds and Flow Rate Control 

To achieve accuracy of fine details in high-quality prints, printing pumps need to deliver the ink in the exact required volumes at specific intervals. Gear pumps offer excellent control over the flow rate due to their positive displacement mechanism. This precise control is essential for applications where the ink flow rate needs to be tightly regulated to ensure consistent print quality. 

Diener’s Extreme Series gear pump provides a steady and uniform flow of ink with a flow range of 100 to 5000 ml/min. As inkjet printers vary in speed, this ability of the Extreme Series to adapt and provide precise flow rates at different speeds helps in maintaining print quality across different printing tasks.

Pressure Stability to Prevent Cavitation

Gear pumps can handle higher pressures more effectively than diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps are generally less efficient at handling high-pressure scenarios and might require additional components to smooth out pressure fluctuations, which can complicate the pump system.  

High-quality inkjet printing relies on stable pressure to keep the print heads functioning correctly. Stable pressure reduces the chance for the formation of air bubbles (cavitation) within the ink, which can cause interruptions in ink flow and degrade the print quality.  The low-pressure pulsation feature of Diener’s Silencer Series and Extreme Series gear pump models maintains constant pressure, preventing fluctuations that could lead to clogs, cavitation or variations in ink droplet size. 

Versatility with Viscous Inks  

Continuous Inkjet printing with colorful ink powered by Diener precision inkjet pumps


Inkjet printers use various types of inks, including those with higher viscosities. Pigmented inks, which are prone to settling and clogging, require robust and consistent pumping action, which helps in maintaining homogeneity and preventing blockages. The stable pressure feature of Diener’s gear pumps here again presents a significant advantage.  

Our Extreme Series handles fluid viscosities ranging from 0.3 to 1000 cps, ensuring smooth and consistent flow regardless of the ink type. 

Durable and Reliable Printing Performance 

Gear pumps have fewer moving parts and are constructed to handle the wear and tear of continuous pumping operation. This makes them more durable and reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance. In contrast, diaphragm pumps have flexible diaphragms that can wear out over time, especially when dealing with viscous fluids like ink. The need to frequently replace diaphragms can lead to increased downtime and maintenance costs. 

 Features like magnetic coupling, hardened gears, and chemically resistant materials of construction make Diener’s gear pumps suitable for various ink formulations and ensure that printers remain operational with minimal downtime in diverse printing environments.  

Flexible Integration  

Gear pumps tend to be compact with straightforward design that allows for easy integration into the sleek dimensions of modern inkjet printers, without compromising printing quality and performance. 

Silencer LD Series gear pump is our most compact model, providing reliably consistent flow range from 50 to 2500ml/min at pressures up to 4 bar. With flexible port locations and 3D mounting options, this model is ideal for different printer designs, providing versatility in printer manufacturing.  

DPP Precision Gear pump Silencer Serie


The specific requirements of inkjet printing for precision, consistency, and the ability to handle various ink types make gear pumps indispensable for use in the printing industry. Their ability to deliver a stable and uniform ink flow directly impacts the high-quality output that inkjet printing is known for, ensuring sharp, high-resolution, vibrant, and accurate prints. 

At Diener Precision Pumps, it is our passion and long-term commitment to deliver precise, reliable, and innovative fluid management solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are looking to improve the quality of your printing output, adapt to different ink types, or ensure durable and consistent performance, our range of gear pumps are designed to meet your exact requirements. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific pump manufacturing needs and explore how our expertise can benefit your future projects.

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