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About Diener Precision Pumps

California high-tech engineering meets Swiss precision machining

Diener Precision Pumps (DPP) has been manufacturing precision metering and gear pumps for over 25 years. Our products stand out due to one key factor: quality.

DPP brings together California’s high-tech expertise with Swiss precision manufacturing.

Our company is built on a foundation of experts working for experts, and engineers working for engineers.

An extensive 360-degree service policy underpins our unique quality.

Customer-centric Design and Service

Each of our products is carefully matched to our customers’ requirements. Our employees provide assistance throughout the procedure.

Our commitment to this approach has earned us exceptional loyalty and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Proven customer satisfaction:

  • More than 2.5 million pumps sold since the company was established
  • Return ratio: far below 0.1 percent
  • High customer loyalty: 90% of our customers have been purchasing with us for more than 15 years

The demands placed on precision pumps are incredibly high. Just like the human heart, they ensure the flawless operation of complex machines. That’s why we are searching for the perfect solution for you.

To achieve this, several services must work together seamlessly. The first step is understanding our customers’ industries and actively listening to their needs. This enables us to collaborate with you in developing solutions for your specific challenges.

Engineering expertise is crucial in realizing these solutions. Our professionals in California’s high-tech center have the skills to fine-tune our pump solutions to your specifications.

And to ensure flawless performance in day-to-day operations, our pump manufacturing plant in Switzerland upholds the country’s renowned precision standards.

For us, precision means: consistent performance, exactly according to the customer’s specifications, time and time again.


Doug Robinson CEO
Doug Robinson, CEO Diener Precision Pumps
Rolf Diener, Chairman Diener Precision Pumps
Rolf Diener, Chairman Diener Precision Pumps

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With their excellent delivery accuracy and consistency, DPP precision pumps are perfect for applications where your flow needs to be perfect each and every time.
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