Food and Beverage Gear Pumps

The Diener Precision Pumps line of “flow-thru” gear pumps are ideal for food and beverage transfer and dispensing. This feature allows very quick clean-in-place flexibility and is certified to the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF/ANSI 169).  

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Large interior passages allow easy transfer of high viscosity fluids like syrups and emulsified fruit juices.    
  • Durable PEEK gears to ensure long life and abrasion resistance to suspended sugars.  
  • The helical gear design and unique gear tooth design guarantee long life and quiet, pulse-free delivery.  
  • Their ultra-compact size means they fit into smaller cabinets, further lowering your installed cost. 
Gear pumps for beverage transfer & dispensing
Gear pumps for beverage transfer & dispensing
Gear pumps for beverage transfer & dispensing
Gear pumps for beverage transfer & dispensing
DPP gear pump extreme 3000 DC 02 blue BG III

Why DPP pumps are the preferred choice for food and beverage application

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Quick Rinse

DPP gear pumps deliver maximum hygiene. Our design and pump manufacturing ensure that flushed liquid reaches every part of the pump so that bacteria does not  have a chance to grow. Cleaning is done directly in the application without the need to remove the pump.

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100% Outgoing Testing

Ahead of its departure from our factory, each pump undergoes rigorous and thorough testing, strictly adhering to its specifications. Detailed reports are provided to our customers, with an aim to save them both time and money.

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No Shaft-Seals

DPP gear pumps are hermetically sealed instead of using conventional shaft seals. This means low maintenance for you and your customers, a long service life and the highest degree of productivity.

  • The Perfect Foam for your Cappuccino 

    Special pump gear designs in milk-frothing applications (commercial coffee machines) generate high vortices at very high pressures, resulting in a whipping effect that creates a very light foam texture. The special bearing design is sized to maximize life by supporting the gears in two-phase air/milk frothing. The repeatable superior foam quality is the ultimate coffee experience. 

    The Optima Series precision gear pumps, made by renowned pump manufacturer DPP, supply up to 2.5 liters per minute with its durable 24V motor, generating the perfect foam in commercial coffeemakers. 


DPP Food and Beverage Pumps

Case Study – Why Diener Precision Pumps Make the Best Strawberry Smoothie 


Pumping fruit juices containing pulp or puree can be difficult for an off-the-shelf gear pump.  Diener Precision Pumps was asked to solve the problem and did so with modifications to our Extreme Series gear pump.    


By increasing the size of the internal passageways and routing flow through the magnetic coupling, we solved the problem of solids accumulating in “dead zones” and slow clean-in-place that goes with it.   The new design easily pumped suspended strawberry solids (seeds in the puree) and could be cleaned quickly in place, earning NSF/AISI 169 certification.

Build a Custom Pump to Your Specific Requirements

Our engineers and technical experts are eager to design a pump to your requirements.

DPP Optima Series Precision Gear Pump